Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions our firm receives.

Q. When should I make an appointment to have my taxes prepared?
A. As soon as you receive all your tax records for the year:W-2, 1099 Mortgage and real estate tax information.

Q. What steps are necessary to start a business?
A. There are many steps to starting a business. From incorporating to filing the proper documents with the Federal and State governments, we can help you with each step. After your business is operating, we can help you with all your monthly accounting needs.

Q. How many years should I retain my records?
A. Record retention is very complicated. New York State requires retention for 7 years. Records for assets, such as homes and stock purchases should be retained for at least three years after disposal of the asset.

Q. I just received a 1099-G, does New York state owe me money?
A. A 1099-G is to be included with your Federal return; the form indicates that you received a refund from New York State in the previous year.

Q. Can I take a deduction for my boat or RV? How much should I save for my retirement?
A. The answer to these questions are based on an individual's needs and uses. Call us today for an appointment regarding any questions you might have.

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