This easy-to-use organizer has been prepared to assist you in collecting information for your 2023 Individual Income Tax Return.

Please use this form and include this with all your records.

Please bring your valid State driver’s license or State issued ID card for all persons filing a return

If you have any questions, please make note of them, so that we can discuss them when we prepare your tax return.

Please provide all records and necessary information requested, including:

Prior year federal and state tax returns (new clients only)

W-2s for wages, salaries, tips, and unemployment

1098s for mortgage interest paid to financial institutions

1099s for interest, dividends, state tax refunds, cryptocurrency accounts, pensions, and other payments received

K-1s from partnerships, S corporations, estates, and trusts

1095-C Health Insurance Information and any additional correspondence from tax agencies, if any

Using this organizer will assist you in compiling complete and accurate tax data that will make it possible to take full advantage of all allowable deductions.

The following questions help us understand your current year tax situation.

Please answer each question by circling yes (Y) or no (N). For every question you answered yes, please provide details in the blank lines at the end of this questionnaire. If a question does not pertain to you, please circle no.

If you require help answering any of these questions, please contact us.

Y N 1. Would you like to have your tax return filed electronically?

Y N 2. Would you like to have an electronic copy of your tax return (PDF file)?

Y N 3. Would you like to have your tax return mailed to an address other than the one we have on file?

Y N 4. Did your marital status change during the year?

Y N 5. Were you a resident of, or did you have income in, more than one state during the year?

Y N 6. Do you wish to have $3 (or $6 on a joint return) of your taxes applied to the Presidential Campaign Fund (this will not affect the amount of refund or balance due on your tax return). If applicable, do you wish to contribute to any state fund(s) and if so, which funds?

Y N 7. Do you have any dependents living with you or are you supporting anyone not living with you? If yes, provide details if there were any changes to any dependents in your household (marriages, deaths, etc.).

Y N 8. Did any of your dependent children under age 18 (24 if a college student) have any income (wages, interest, etc.)?

Y N 9. Are you or any dependents blind and/or disabled? Please provide details including any disability income received.

Y N 10. Did you incur childcare or dependent care expenses?

Y N 11. Did you cash any series EE or I U.S. Bonds that were issued after 1989 and paid qualified higher education expenses?

Y N 13. Did you or any member of your household pay educational expenses for post secondary education?

Y N 14. Did you buy, sell, or trade any assets (including cryptocurrency)?

Y N 15. Did you contribute to or receive a distribution from any retirement plan or did you convert any retirement funds to Roth funds?

Y N 16. Did you receive or pay any alimony or separate maintenance payments?

Y N 17. Did you have any moving expenses?

Y N 18. If you or your spouse are self-employed, did you pay any health or long-term care insurance premiums? If yes, were either you or your spouse eligible to participate in an employer-sponsored health or long-term care insurance plan?

Y N 19. Did you or your spouse contribute to or receive a distribution from a Health Savings Account?

Y N 20. Did you make cash or non-cash charitable contributions?

Y N 21. Did you make any large purchases or home improvements? (e.g. purchase airplane or vehicles).

Y N 22. Did you have any casualty or theft losses?

Y N 23. Did you have purchasing, selling, refinancing, financing, or foreclosing transactions on your personal residence or any other real estate? If yes, provide the settlement document (HUD-1), Form 1099S, Form 1099C or other related documentation if applicable. Please include whether you are a first time homebuyer.

Y N 24. Do you own a vacation home that was rented to someone else at anytime?

Y N 25. Did you make any gifts directly or through a trust, which exceeded $17,000 per person?

Y N 26. Did you pay wages of more than $1,600 to any one household employee?

Y N 27. Have you provided ALL your income from ALL sources? If not, please use the space at the end to list any other income.

Y N 28. Have you provided ALL your deductions? If you are uncertain about an item then provide details.

Y N 29. Has the IRS/State/Local taxing authority made you aware, or are you aware of, any changes to your income, deductions and credits reported on any prior year tax return?

Y N 30. Did you have any interest in, or signature, or other authority over a bank, securities, or other financial account in a foreign country?

Y N 31. At any time during 2023, did you receive, sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of any financial interest in any virtual currency?

Y N 32. For 2024, do you expect a significant fluctuation in your income, deductions or withholding?

Y N 33. For 2024, do you need or want estimated tax payment vouchers prepared?

Please use the following blank lines to provide additional information regarding the above questions (indicate the question number). This space can also be used for any other information or questions you may have.













We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.