Preparation for your 2021 tax return

2021 presented more challenges to all of us; COVID was still haunting every aspect of our daily lives. Financially, the government initiated programs that sent relief to many tax payers. In preparation for filing your 2021 tax return, there are several items that we will need so that we can accurately file your tax return. Many taxpayers received stimulus payments in March/April of 2021 and taxpayers with children under 17 received advance child tax credit payments starting on July 15, 2021 and ending in December 2021. If you received letter #6419, information regarding the amount received for child tax credit, or a letter stating the amount of the third stimulus, please include the letter with your documents.

The accurate reporting of the funds received from the above government programs will insure that your tax return is processed in a timely fashion. Last tax season some clients experienced delays in the processing of their tax returns because of inaccuracies in the amounts reported.

Please have the information regarding the stimulus and advance child tax credit payments ready when you come for your appointment or send your information to us.

Additionally, all filers should bring a valid driver’s license, if you receive a PIN from the IRS please include it with your documents. If you receive a PIN every year and you do not receive it by the end of January, try to obtain it through the IRS website at:

Thank you,

John Y Trent and Associates